No, you haven't reached the end of the Internet. If you've reached this page, congratulations! I finally made a webpage. It's not finished, but there's enough here to entertain you for a little while. As soon as we have more time, Jack is going to help me put up pictures of various things, including our apartment (ooh... ahh...). Make sure to change your link or whatever you use to get here to www.jackanderica.com/erica (instead of the address with /updates at the end as it was before). Please visit the links to the left, at least the ones that interest you. Don't forget to put your mouse over them before you click to see my descriptions, since I figured out how to write that part in HTML and am very proud of myself. Don't come back every day expecting a lot of changes, but I will be putting things up gradually as time goes on. And yes, I'll change the Plug of the Week every week. Don't heckle me.

Yay, I'm finally on the web as a whole person instead of a series of loosely connected updates!




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