Well, I thought perhaps I'd go to the game yesterday, but I found out it was an afternoon game, and I didn't feel like trucking out there by myself and having to battle the traffic. As it turns out, I had to battle the traffic even in my neighborhood, a good 5 miles from campus, because I live off one of the roads that feeds out of LSU. I made the grievous error of going to the grocery store in the evening (thinking I'd miss the Saturday afternoon soccer moms, etc.), but I left home just as the game was getting out. The short bit of road I take to the store got turned into a one-way street since it leads out to the highway eventually and most people come from out of town for the games... so it was fine getting to the store, but a good hour after the game had let out and I was finishing at the store, traffic was still pouring down the street. It took me literally 45 minutes to get home, and I live half a mile away. I had to drive in a very large rectangle to avoid going the wrong way on their little makeshift one-way street, and traffic in every direction was terrible. Some of the stoplights were blinking yellow and red and the police were directing traffic, and others were running a normal cycle, but since things were backed up, only a few people would get through each time. This was around 8:00, and I hadn't eaten dinner yet, but I had foolishly put my groceries in the trunk, so I was starving and seriously contemplating stopping by the side of the road, making camp, having dinner, and then continuing on my journey. These people are ridiculous. If you've ever seen Varsity Blues, the football movie with James Van Der Beek, it's like that, but with an entire state pinning its hopes on one football team instead of a small town. Nuts. They're all nuts. Note to self: do NOT, under ANY circumstances, leave home for about 4 hours after a game lets out. I don't even know if we won or not, and I don't much care at this point!

I'm about to go the library since it opens at 2 on Sundays; I have the pleasure of deciphering a Mozart symphony and trying to make a bibliography for a medieval/Renaissance technique I know very little about. This could be a long day.

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