Oh my goodness!!! We're all moved in! Okay, mostly moved in... there are still a few odds and ends (plus all our food) still left at the apartment, but remember, we have another month in our lease, so we're not frantic or anything.

Things are great. The cable guy is here right now trying to decipher the thousands of cables we have outside. He's confused, but so are we, so it's only fair. Jack's parents just left this morning; they had been here since Saturday helping us move and get things fixed in the house. I do NOT know what we would have done had they not been here. They drove down from Virginia and brought their truck, and so we were able to move all our furniture at our own pace instead of renting a truck and doing a one-day marathon session. They helped us with thousands of things around the house, miniscule and not-so-miniscule, like replacing our faulty light fixtures, running a working phone line into our office (we were without internet until yesterday!), painting and shelf papering our cabinets, putting furniture back together... goodness, they were supposed to be on vacation. Anyway, it was a tremendous help. We're still not too sure about our air conditioner, but at least it's October and only about 80 degrees outside right now. =) I love Louisiana.

We got a great bit of news today; two other female grad students and I are going to the American Musicological Society conference next month in Houston, and one of the professors who's going with us found out that we can get money from LSU to help cover our hotel and food expenses! We were all quite excited, so we're going to sit down Friday and draft a budget request. I'm already working a few hours at the conference, which means I get my registration fee waived, but it'll be great not to have to pay as much for the other travel expenses. Woohoo! I'm also going to the Milton Babbitt conference next weekend in Jackson, MS. That should be fun, since it's over Halloween. I can't imagine a bunch of music theorists getting together and wearing costumes (come as your favorite music treatise??), but I'm still excited, especially since Babbitt himself is going to be there. Hurray for professional development!

In other news, our little cat is slowly adjusting to her new house. She's not exactly sure why there are so many rooms (I think she got lost trying to find the kitchen the other day), but she seems to be doing fairly well. She's under the bed right now, but I don't expect her to come out and be sociable all the time; after all, I'm certainly not! She still mews in the middle of the night and squirms a lot when we pick her up, but after a couple of months, she should be back to her ridiculous self. She's already become more vertical than she was before; we just have to hope she won't decide to jump up on the kitchen counter, because that would open a new Pandora's box that I don't even want to think about.

Well, the cable guy has been outside for about 30 minutes now... I'm thinking I should go check to make sure nothing in the yard has gobbled him up. Anything could happen out there; it's a jungle, I tell you. We did get some lovely hibiscuses from the local waterpark (they apparently get rid of them every fall and plant new ones each spring), so I'm all set to start taming the wilderness (not today, but soon). Happy Wednesday to all!

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