The phrase for the day is, "OH MY GOSH, WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!!"

We've been finally clearing out the apartment (our lease isn't up until Nov. 30), and there's still a bunch of crap there. We've gotten a bunch in the last couple of days, but still... I can't believe it. Obviously, the stuff that's still there hasn't been used in over a month, leading me to wonder why we have some of it... but whatever. I'm sure that over time we'd start to notice the absence of our extra pillows, wine glasses, 11 cans of chicken noodle soup, spare toiletries, and all the other things we've brought over today. =) Jack and I have struck a deal... he has tomorrow off, so I told him that if he gets everything out of there tomorrow, I'll clean it all this next Friday and Saturday while he's at work. Our schedules don't often coincide, so the fact that we could both go out there today to grab things is a rare occurrence.

On to happier things... we're going to Atlanta for Thanksgiving to visit Jack's aunt and uncle, and his parents, his sister, her boyfriend, and many other family members I've never met from his uncle's side are going to be there. It should be really fun, and I wish we could stay longer! We're having to leave here Wednesday around 5 (traffic, here we come!) and we have to be back Friday by 3 for him to be at work (so we're leaving before first light on Friday morning). Thanksgiving isn't supposed to be quite that hurried, but when your husband is stuck in a dead-end mall job, there's not a lot to be done. He's still valiantly trying to find another career... some openings have sounded more promising than others, and he very well may have another job by Christmas, which would make both of us SO happy (we could actually spend our anniversary together instead of him being here and me still being in Lancaster). Retail sucks. If we have news about a job for him, we'll be sure to let everybody know; just don't get your hopes up too high, because any one of you could jinx it!

Moving right along... my car is back to me, so I'm happy. The neon was a fun toy car, but it's nice to have my blue baby again. However, when I went to pick it up, they had run down my battery by leaving the dome light on (why? I do not know), so they gave me a jump start. Jack had come to meet me there since he was getting off work around the same time, so we both drove to a movie theater. When we got out of the theater, my battery was dead again (I guess 15 minutes wasn't a long enough drive to charge the battery back up), so we went in his car to grab dinner and then came back and jump-started my car. We had to pull out my owner's manual to learn again which order the plugs go, but now we know and will be more useful roadside assistants if the time ever comes. =) Anyway, my battery is back to normal, and more importantly, I have a new roof with no dents! Yay! I should post a sign on my car warning people that I'll hurt them if they jump on my car... before this happened, I never would have dreamt that it would be a problem. The rottweiler came into our yard today to poop, so I was glad there were no passersby except Jack and me for her to frighten!

We got Patti some new food, so starting tonight at dinner, she'll get it phased in. It's supposedly all natural and it has real chicken parts instead of heads and feet and stuff (because I know you needed the visual on that!), and it's about the same as the Science Diet food she likes, so we decided to try it to see if we can get her to lose weight faster than 1 lb. in 6 months. (She's down to 13 now.) At the present time, she's pouncing on invisible things in the hall and generally acting ridiculous. She's been very nice to us the last few days (e.g. sitting on us while we're watching television), so let's hope she's used to the house and will once again be our most sociable cat. See, now we just need some of you people to come visit us!!

Homework calls... Debussy and then some 20th-century nonsense are on my listening list. =)

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