The sun is out!!!!

My goodness, I almost had a heart attack this morning when the sun peeked through our curtains and I could SEE to get out of bed! It was great.

I got my paper proposal turned in this morning and got it back about 4 hours later with professorial comments. Only three people out of the class of nine had understood that it was to be a typed proposal with ten sources; two of us had had him last semester, and the other girl just lucked out and happened to READ THE SYLLABUS. My gosh, I didn't think it was that hard. Anyway, things were good today except that Jeannette was sick and we didn't have our early music ensemble (she's the student coordinator). I'm inspired to make this Macbeth paper the best I've ever written, but that means I'll be working on it all semester instead of just the two weeks before it's due like I did last semester with the Tchaikovsky. I'm super-interested in my topic, and my prof has already given me many suggestions and a contact in the English department here, so I'm feeling prepared.

My twentieth-century analysis class today was fun; this is the class that's all mathy, even though the professor is MOST adamant about us not straying too far into math and away from the music, a trap he feels many theorists fall into. One of my classmates was asking for clarification on a couple of issues, and he said "I have a real treat for you. I've made you a worksheet." Now, I was the only one in the class who had a visible reaction to this, but I sat up really straight in my seat and got very excited. I did the worksheet already, which was great fun... I always feel more secure in my abilities to solve problems if I can complete a worksheet successfully. =)

Okay, my weird cat is bounding up and down the hall and flinging her catnip ball about the house, so I'm going to entertain her in this rare moment of playfulness. Usually, I can barely get a raised eyebrow out of her when I try to start up a game, so this will be great. Oh, wait... she was just all excited because she had to pee, so now she's coming in here to use her box and stink up the room. Joy of joys. Goodnight, all.

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