Gas prices

Well, NPR has enjoyed reporting over the last few weeks that gas prices are at a record high. Tell me something I don't know. Incidentally, they reported that Tulsa, OK, had the lowest prices at $1.599, and when I got to the grocery store today, I noticed that our Albertson's had that same price. Go us.

They did a lovely follow-up yesterday comparing gas prices per gallon to lots of other things per gallon (e.g., gas is cheaper than any other liquid we buy, including milk or bottled water). Honestly, though, the fact that gas prices are "so high" shouldn't be news. The thing is, and I'm sorry if you disagree with me here, I kind of like gas prices being high. No, I'm not a glutton for punishment, nor do I enjoy spending my paltry salary on transportation, but a large part of me believes that gas-price increases will promote exploration of other energy sources. Buy a hybrid car, and you won't have to spend nearly so much on gas. Stop driving an SUV when you really don't need one. There was an anti-Kerry commercial on the television in NC explaining how Kerry "foolishly" thought that a higher gas tax would make people stop driving so much, or at least turn to more fuel-efficient vehicles. I found it funny that whoever paid for this ad thought Kerry's claim so ridiculous. I think it's completely plausible. I guess they didn't make a believer of me. Besides, there are so many other, more important issues that need addressing.

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