Our smart little kitten

Celia is fascinated by the news ticker whenever we watch CNN. Patti used to watch it as well, but now we can't get her interested in anything on television. =)

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That is SO cute!!! Congratulations for having such a smart little kitty!

RE: plug of the week. What is also nice is lemonade with mint in it. But, I think I already told you that. Anyway, I'm reminded yet again of it's wonder as I brew a fresh bit of minty-lemonade. :)

Not a comment on your smart little kitten, altho that is too cute!! This is to your plug of the week. Have you seen the diet coke (and I assume they make regular too) with lime? It's actually not as nasty as the lemon, but I imagine a real lime in a glass of diet coke would still be much better than the fake stuff. I shall have to try it, since I LOVE lemon slices in my diet coke/pepsi! And, hey, inquisitive minds want to know how your first few days of classes are going!!!
Prof Erica, I second Nicole's "inquisitive minds want to know how your class is going!" :-)
Aaugh! I just realized that I said "it's" instead of "its". I NEVER do that!! It is a mistake I abhor! The evil grammar goblin must've gotten ahold of my fingers.
Jeannette, you know I would never say anything about your "it's" in a public forum such as this, so I'm glad you brought it up yourself and prevented me from spontaneously combusting from the pressure.
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