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So today marked the first time that someone looked at my belly and then asked me when my baby was due. =) It was the checkout woman at Hallmark, where I went to stock up on some hilarious Fresh Ink birthday cards. They take them down when they have V-Day or Mother's Day cards to fill their shelves, so I have a short window in the spring during which I can actually find them, and they're my favorite cards by far!

I've been in that stage for a month or so where people who don't know that I'm pregnant are probably conflicted about whether I'm carrying a baby or am just gaining weight, so it was interesting that someone was finally sure enough about it that she risked putting her foot in her mouth. My maternity shirt was one giveaway, and she might have seen me eyeing the adorable purple LSU onesies, though they were across the store from where she was, and she was deep in conversation with another customer while I was drooling over them. We'll just say it was my belly. She asked me what we were having — I resisted the urge to reply "a lizard!" — and what his name was going to be, and then she started talking about how she used to work at a birthing center and how amazing it had been. She said her favorite part was seeing the dads' reactions, and when I told her that Jack was probably going to cry, she thought that was cute. He shed brief tears at our wedding rehearsal and when he felt Kent move for the first time... and now I've just destroyed any sense of manliness he had among my readers. Hehehe. Nah, that's the OLD way of thinking. Modern men can cry, right?

After giggling quite a bit at the Hallmark cards and having a pleasant conversation with the checkout woman, I had a very successful trip to the grocery store and came up with several meal ideas on the fly. Often, when I go grocery shopping, I find myself wandering the aisles aimlessly and then coming home with a few bags full of stuff that don't really add up to anything, but I have at least five planned-out meals with the stuff I got today. I don't generally sit down and plan out meals for the week or make shopping lists or anything, hence the hit-or-miss nature of my success at the store. It's always fun to have several meal ideas for the future and to write them down on the white board on our fridge, because then I feel like I have everything planned and can just throw it together when dinner time rolls around.

So back to the pregnancy... there seem to have been more calls as of late for us to post pictures and/or video of my belly. Who do you people think you are, anyway? =) Do you just come here to gawk at my expansion??

I kid. Maybe I'll post something this weekend.

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You've caught me with a sheepish grin on my face. Of course I want to hear/read tales of your expansion as you so aptly put it. Pregnant bellies are adorable!
Funny! It is good that you had a pleasant conversation, but it is amazing to me how people think pregnant stragers' bodies and lives are public property. I guess it is a compliment - people love babies and love to talk about them, congratulate parents-to-be, etc. A friend of mine from college who has had a baby says that the WEIRDEST thing was when strangers would try to put their hands on her belly, eeek! Get away, freaky people!

On that note - though you aren't a stranger of course - count me in as one would would love to see cute E pregnant pictures! I haven't asked in a while, so I don't know if you count me as part of the guilty majority though. :-)

And P.S. modern men can cry, I think it's very sweet. Jack tearing up at your rehearsal dinner made ME cry!
I was reading about the strangers-touching-belly phenomenon somewhere, and the author suggested that the bold souls among us who don't like it should put our hands on the strangers' bellies in response and say, "Oh, sorry, is that uncomfortable for me to be touching your belly??" It hasn't happened to me yet, and I doubt I'd go that far, but it is kind of odd to me that there's no social boundary there. =)
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