I know famous people!

Well, they're not famous YET. But they've been in movies, so it's only a matter of time, right? Get this: THREE people who went to my tiny liberal arts college have been in movies in the last couple of years, and they all have entries on Internet Movie Database. Jill Brumer was an English/Drama major who graduated with Jack and me, Kara Revel was also an English/Drama major who graduated a couple of years before us (and had an internship at the Globe Theatre, among other honors), and Conrad Ricamora graduated a year before us and was a fellow RA of Jack's and mine the year we met and fell in love... awww. Conrad is great, though I had no idea he was interested in acting. He was an aspiring tennis pro in college, and I think he majored in Communications or something like that. Anyway, he was the biggest surprise of the three, because he had a role in Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell! He was some sort of DMV officer (you can see pictures on his IMDB page). Now Jack and I both feel like we need to see that movie, even though we weren't really planning on it before. How cool!

Now I feel like going into IMDB and adding all kinds of trivia for these people. Having shared the tiny college experience with them, I know many embarrassing things (she said, with a devilish grin)...




We saw TN and when Conrad popped on the screen I was like "WHOA! That guy was my escort on the homecoming court!" And sure enough--there was his name in the credits. Sigh---I knew him when...we even shared joint custody of an Advanced Gen Psych book. --Heather
Too cool. I always liked Conrad. Of course everyone knew Kara was talented. And Jill... well... I lived with her for two years and saw the Jill/Keith drama through to the end. We won't go there.
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