Okay, gawkers and onlookers...

Here I am at 27 weeks and counting (three days ago). You'll notice some pronounced preggage in the belly region. (Yes, I just made up the word "preggage".) Finally thinking there's enough there to show, I decided to post a pic. More will follow as Kent pushes the outer limits of his little home.

Other pregnancy-related stats include the following:

Placenta: GREAT. It had been low, but at our ultrasound yesterday, the tech told us that it had fixed itself and was no longer a concern.

Baby's heart: GREAT. The tech had trouble viewing it last time, but this time she was able to get it, and everything looked fab. I was amazed, AGAIN, at the level of detail we could see. At 19 weeks, his heart was just a little moving blob, but yesterday, we could actually see all four chambers and the valves opening and closing. Incredible.

My energy level: DROPPING. The dreaded back pain has begun, and I'm much more tired than I had been when I was experiencing Second Trimester Superwoman Syndrome. Now I'm in Third Trimester Really-I-Can't-Walk-That-Far-Anymore Syndrome. With a little accommodation, though, I'm doing fine.

17-point plan: STILL NOT FINISHED. And it won't be for a while. But we have a prospective taker on the futon, so hopefully we can unload that next week!

R&R weekend in Houston: COMMENCING MOMENTARILY. I'm basically ready to go, so I'm just waiting for Jack to get home from work so that we can hit the road. Our plans currently include hitting an Astros game, a vegetarian Chinese restaurant, and IKEA. Back on Saturday evening!

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You're so cute! I think at 3rd trimester, you can make up any word you want, and "preggage" is cute, so go ahead with your bad self. Thanks for posting a picture for all your curious fans out here. :-)
Thank you for appeasing your nosy family. You look great!
Awww....so cute! Yeah, the 3rd trimester is not the most fun---just wait till you outgrow all of your maternity shirts! :) At least you know you will have a special little one to hold sooner than later! :) -Heather
I was wondering when we'd get a belly shot. I wasn't about to ask, though. I'm going to try to get mine up soon. I'm waiting until the very last minute to take one. How fun.
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