Quick belly update

The doctor's appointment went well today. The new and exciting thing that happened this time was that she measured my belly (the top of my uterus to my pelvic bone), which was 29cm. Apparently, it's good if the cm measurement is about the same number as the number of weeks the pregnancy is in, so since I'm at 30 weeks, I'm in good shape. She checked the heartbeat again, which is getting a tad slower as Kent gets bigger, and she said everything else seemed to be great. I talked to her about coming up with a birth plan at my next visit, since we will have been all Lamazed up by then and I will have had more time to consider some of the labor questions that still remain, so that should be fun. I'm going every two weeks at this point, and Jack is trying to save up his vacation hours, so he probably won't be coming with me from now on (though there are no more really momentous visits like the ultrasound ones, anyway).

It still amazes me that all we had to do was to set this pregnancy thing in motion, and it just goes all by itself. Biology is cool.

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That's a cool mneunmonic about cm = weeks preg. Thanks for the update! Since biology is so cool, are you going to finish this degree and move on to a bio degree next??? (HA! Just kiddin.) :-)
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