To crock or not to crock

While I was at Target today, I found myself again surveying the Crock pots and thinking about getting one. It turns out that I could get an oval 4-quart one (hopefully that's as big as we'd need) for only about $20, so I'm seriously considering it. My only reservations come in the following question: would I actually use it enough to warrant the space it'll take up in my house?

If you have/had/want a Crock pot, what do/did/would you make in it? The things that spring to mind first are pot roast, which I've never made but which I'd love to try out; Crock pot mac and cheese, for which I have a time-honored recipe that I've also never tried; and chili and other soups/stews. Other suggestions? What else can you do with a Crock pot that I don't know about?




Crock pot is good for spaghetti sauce, country style steak, soups, lots of things. You can get things to bake in them, but I've never tried them. I'd get at least a 4 qt. and make sure the inside lifts out. They now have liners for them so you don't have such a mess. Chicken is really good also. The book usually has recipes.
I have no oven, so now I live out of the crock pot for anything I would have done that way (except I haven't tried desserts). Also, I used to use it primarily for the fact that I could put a bunch of stuff in, go away (usually to work) for eight hours, and come home to a hot meal.
I received one as a wedding gift. It has been used once in the last 6 years to make chili. Luckily I have a deep cabinet that houses other rarely used small appliances. You are far more domesticated than I, so you may come up with all kinds of yummy ideas and use it regularly enough to warrant the cost and storage.
I don't use my crock pot that often, just a few times in the winter. It is great to make meals ahead, which would be great with a baby - to prepare and start it earlier in the day while he's napping or something, and have a hot meal for dinner with no prep in the evening! I've made veggie soup and veggie chili most recently. I will send you the recipes!
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