We have Fuzzi Bunz!

Our super-fabulous cloth pocket diapers have arrived! I ordered them on Friday from Nurtured Family, and since they're located just outside Houston, it took almost no time for the diapers to get here. The UPS guy just dropped them off a few minutes ago, which was good, because I had been going a little stir-crazy all day waiting for them. My life right now is almost exclusively baby preparation, so this was a big deal. =) Jack and I oohed and ahhed over them for a few minutes, checked to make sure everything we ordered was in the box, and then tossed them into the washer for their pre-Kent laundering.

I had been fretting about the diaper issue for months, hating the idea of putting thousands of disposables into landfills over the next few years but also finding myself rather reluctant to use cloth, since I didn't know much about them. In the last month, my mom (who used cloth with me) had convinced me to try them out and see whether I liked them, but I have to confess that I was still worried about leakage, cleaning them, using pins next to my baby's sensitive areas, etc. These are really well-made and are more "constructed" than prefolded pieces of cloth, so they have adjustable snaps and elastic at the legs. The inside is a soft microfleece, there's an extra microfiber terrycloth insert for more absorption (hence the "pocket" diaper name), and the outside is a waterproof fabric. And since the inside soft part is the only part that'll touch his skin, he's much less likely to develop diaper rash or have reactions to the diaper the way he might with a plasticky disposable. So exciting! Obviously, I'll still have to deal with washing them, but I think I'll be getting used to all kinds of messes pretty quickly and that it won't be a big deal after the first few times. We'll still carry around disposables when we travel and to use as backups if we don't have enough Fuzzi Bunz clean or with us at any time, but I'm so pleased to have found this solution.

Big sigh of happiness. =)

On a mostly unrelated note, I have to say that those of you who have voted for July 14 as the arrival date are just mean! Actually, a Bastille Day birthday would be kind of cool, and then he'd also share a birthday with his great uncle. I'm just not prepared to wait another four weeks! July 14 has gotten the most votes so far at 5, June 25 (which would be much nicer) has gotten 4, and no one has voted for our actual due date yet. Funny.

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Hooray! Congratulations!!! I'm so jealous (you have laundry facilities)!! Good for you taking the plunge.

You're cool now.
I was nice and voted for the 30th of June, slightly before the date, but as you said ultimately it's up to the lil' one as to when he's ready. Just noticed your snack idea, a customer gave me another when I'd told her I liked eating plain yogurt with fruit and fiber cereal such as Grapenuts or All Bran. She said for a desert she takes the plain yogurt, adds a little bit of sugar-free, fat-free Cheesecake pudding mix, puts it on top of a bed of cereal, and then cuts fresh strawberries on top. I tried it last night and it was yum. :-D Good for you on the cloth diapers, I've thought about that debate before even though I'm far from needing to (I do crave to be a mother one day lol), and I just don't know yet. Perhaps you're right, you get used to it.
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