Going on four weeks

Kent will be four weeks old tomorrow. In some ways, it feels like I've known him for so much longer than that.

I started pumping milk over the weekend. We had decided a while ago that even though I'd be home with Kent and will be able to feed him nearly all the time, there will be occasions when I'll need/want to be away from him for longer than two hours. I decided that building up a supply in the freezer was the best way to go, so we got a manual pump to do a few ounces at a time (thanks, Lisa!) and I finally figured out how to use it on Friday. What a crazy thing. It doesn't hurt, really, but if I'm not relaxed enough, the pump knows, and my milk will just stop flowing. (The pump doesn't really know. But it is amazing how much my state of mind affects my flow; I need to have Kent attached to my other boob or very nearby in order for the whole process to go smoothly.) The weirdest part of the whole thing was that after I had finished and gotten my two ounces out, I had this little bottle of MY milk to put in the fridge and then pour into a little freezer bag. There it was, just sitting nonchalantly on the shelf in the fridge. My milk. How strange.

You may be thinking what Jack was thinking when I expressed this perceived weirdness to him, which is that I shouldn't really be surprised after having fed our kid for nearly a month on my milk. Well, yes. But it was never in a little bottle, just sitting nonchalantly on a refrigerator shelf, before. I don't know why it's strange to me; I guess it's because I only imagined it going straight from me to Kent without any intervening middlemen or machinery. It's sort of bureaucratic. =)

In other news, we finished reading HP7 aloud to each other yesterday afternoon, and we loved it. No spoilers, just a general note of satisfaction with the whole thing, as well as a mutual desire from Jack and me to reread the series now, knowing how it ends and who each of the characters turns out to be inside. Way to go, J.K.

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Yay for finishing HP7! =) I can't decide if I want to start all over at 1 again or just reread 7, cuz I know I sped through parts of it just wanting to know what happened!

I too think it'd be odd to just see your own milk just chillin' in the fridge.. and while I certainly haven't experienced it, I think I get what you're sayin'! ;-)

Happy 4 weeks to Kent, and to his wonderful parents! Yay, so proud of you guys!
I know what you mean. I was weirded out by the milk think, too. :-)

Yay for HP!! I'm glad we read it aloud, because I'm such the speed reader. :-P And this one was worth savoring.
Oh my gosh, 4 weeks already! I hope you guys can post a 4 week (or a 1 month on Aug 3) photo for all of Kent's fans out here. :-) That is amazing how much your state of mind affects the pumping process, wow, I never knew that but it makes a lot of sense. (Especially that it helps if he is in the room or attached to the other boob.) And I like how your milk "nonchalantly" sits in the fridge - does it have other moods or states of being as well? And hey, if you're out of milk for coffee you have an instant fix, eh? :-) LOL!
Hooray for pumping! I always had to look at a picture of John on my cell phone while I pumped at work. It really is all about your state of mind. If I was every hurried or stress I would produce soooo much less. I know you probably don't want to invest in this but the electric pump is a lot more comfy and, in my opinion, efficient. Anyway, congrats on being a breastfeeding mom for almost a month. Way to go! :)-Heather
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