Son — Day 5

Thanks so much to all of you for your congrats and kind words about Kent. We're still doing great, unless you measure greatness by the amount of sleep being gotten. =) We're on his schedule now, which is a difficult adjustment, so our sleep is coming in one- to two-hour chunks, and we're elated when we get one period in the morning longer than that after he's worn himself out (yesterday morning it was a whopping 5 hours, and this morning it was 2.5). Nursing is still going really well, though it's quite a bit more frequent than I had expected, since he's "cluster feeding" to make up for the time he's asleep and to help my milk supply get established for him. He really craves the comfort of nursing, so he'll often start rooting around frantically half an hour after we've finished the last session. Diaper changing is a two-person job right now, until he heals from his circumcision, so it's been a fun exercise in coordination. It's a really good thing that Jack I know each other so well and can work together and make decisions without getting resentful or angsty, because this would certainly be the time we'd be killing each other if that weren't the case. =)

Anyway, my point in posting, besides expressing how loved and supported we feel by all of you, is to beg your forgiveness if we're out of communication for a while longer. I know you're all eager for some contact with your favorite new parents in Louisiana, but we're just kind of taking things an hour at a time around here, and it's pretty easy to let an entire day go by without checking email or making a phone call.

We're bonding, but we're also exhausted. We're absolutely loving being at home with our son and hating the fact that Jack is going back to work on Wednesday. Okay, Kent is fretting — time for one of those many nursings I was talking about. Love to you all.




Don't think twice about it! I'm impressed enough that you've blogged a couple times in the past few days. Keep enjoying your boy (like I have to even say that...)!
Aww. Hang in there!
I remember feeling a big difference once we hit the Two week mark..then 6 weeks. It does get better. And if you can figure how to nurse in your sleep, that helps!!
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