Kent Exersauces

One of the items on Jack's to-do list while he was home alone (a list he finished, by the way!) was to put together the exersaucer that my grandparents got Kent when he was born. He wasn't ready for it then, so we left it in the box until we knew he was big enough to enjoy it and not fall over. He's totally loving it, as you can see. Right now, he's mostly hitting things really hard and/or trying to put them in his mouth, and it keeps him happily occupied for a while so that I can shower in peace or cook something.

He often gets this very serious expression when he's banging away at everything, which Jack thinks makes him look like a mad scientist in his laboratory. Funny boy.




Love this thing! I owe many a shower to this contraption. John is way to big to sit in it now but he still likes to walk by it and whack things....must be a guy thing! Glad you had fun on your trip although the teething really bites (no pun intended) for all involved.
What an adorable picture. I can't wait for Kent to visit W-S and meet the puppies! Or maybe just Melody, since she's the calmest & loves babies. =) Glad all your travels went well, and I'm so looking forward to your visit to W-S!
Blue ribbon picture!! I love the title too!! He has really grown!! Too fast. Living for Saturday!
Kent is too cute. He looks so happy in that picture. And the hair!
He looks so cute & happy! I love the verb form "exersauces" too! :-)
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