Things I'm Loving about Christmas This Year

  1. Driving through the neighborhood at night to see everyone's lights. Some of our neighbors go all out with the inflatable light-up thingies and twinkling lights all over the place, while others crack me up with their one or two strands wrapped halfway up a tree or thrown casually over their bushes. We fall into neither category, but we keep thinking that someday, when we feel like investing in a bunch of LED strands, we'll decorate the house.
  2. Holiday baking. It's already well underway.
  3. Listening to my favorite Christmas songs on my iPod playlist from last year. Yeah, so I love 'N Sync's a cappella "O, Holy Night". Sue me. I also love Burl Ives singing "Holly Jolly Christmas," and that's become the new "Do Re Mi" (i.e., the song I sing to Kent to help calm him down).
  4. Seeing stores all decorated up with crazy sparkly things and red ribbons. I'm a sucker for crazy sparkly things.
  5. Planning how to wrap presents. We're doing a lot of handmade stuff this year because we're kind of poor, and we had a lovely trip to Hobby Lobby this week to find exciting wrappings. I can't wait to sit down and wrap presents in a couple of weeks. It's one of my favorite things to do.
  6. Hearing a kid in the music building playing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" on his trumpet yesterday evening.
  7. Watching Santa Claus is Comin' To Town for the first time today. What a fun movie. I love how Santa and Mrs. Claus got married in the woods on Christmas Eve and put their presents to each other under a tree. That was so sweet.
  8. Thinking about how to share the holiday with our son for the first time. We're totally excited about our road trip to see friends and family, and Christmas morning with Kent at Jack's parents' house is going to rock.




I finally broke John down this year and we got a fake tree of real tree size. It came with lights, but we got a strand of LEDs for it. Let me tell you that the LEDs rock. They stay so cool and come in such fun colors and shapes--we got snowflakes! :D

Also, I love present wrapping too. I think if I had a choice of non-music jobs, it would be either cookie baker or present wrapper.
Oh my goodness, it's not Christmas time until I hear NSYNC's "Oh Holy Night", that has become one of my favorite versions of that song. Even non-nsyncers I've played it for love it. That whole CD makes me happy, I might just have to get that out right now and listen to it.

My neighbors are slowly becoming festive, and since it's my first Christmas here, it's fun to see what they all do!! I love Christmas lights. I need to go to Tanglewood this year!!

Do you have your Christmas tree up yet? I love babies & Christmas trees, I'm betting that might warrant a whole post.
I second the vote for baby + Christmas tree photo opportunity! This post is getting me into the holiday spirit a bit. I have been in a dissertation bubble and we don't even have our tree up yet! Must get on the ball.
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