First Cold = Bleh

Kent is getting over his first cold, and not a day too soon. He still has a lot of chest congestion and a sad, rattley cough, but his snot faucet has been turned down and isn't just dripping all over him the way it was for the past few days (yeah, gross, I know). I'm particularly glad that he can breathe through his nose again, because I hadn't realized before that he could dislike something as much as he dislikes the bulb syringe. Anytime I get near his face with it (or a tissue, or anything now), he starts crying, turning his head back and forth sharply, and pushing at me with his hands. It's awful. I have to clear the snot out somehow, especially right before he nurses (since he has to breathe through his nose for that), so the fact that he woke up with very little nasal congestion this morning made me a happy mama. Really happy.

I was so upset about the whole thing last night. His cry has been very different with all his congestion — sort of muffled and more strained than usual — and he's been doing a lot of crying for things that don't normally bother him. This is normal, I'm sure, since even adults get whiny and upset about little things when we're sick, too. The fact that he's been crying more has caused me to doubt myself and my abilities as a mother a lot more than usual, and it's pushed me close to my breaking point a few times this week. I'm glad he's on the mend, though, and that we seem to have survived his first cold. Next order of business: get Jack over the same cold, which isn't going as quickly as Kent's recovery. Poor Daddy.




oh- hugs all around E! It must be tough trying to take care of two boys at once but I'm sure your doing fine. Being sick just isn't any fun, we all are extra fussy when we are congested.
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