Um, Paula...

Surfing around on Food Network's website today (yeah, hush), I found a link to a recipe that I knew was from Paula Deen before I even saw her name. It's a burger with a fried egg and bacon on top, put between two doughnuts instead of a hamburger bun. It's called the Lady's Brunch Burger. Of course, it might be delicious, and I might consider eating a bite of it, since it has many wonderful things all melded together, but seriously... this is why we're the most overweight country in the world, right? I showed the recipe to Jack, and after he got over the shock of the doughnut element, he remarked that this is why shows like The Biggest Loser (which we love watching, btw) have so many potential contestants.

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Gross. Burgers, to me, don't go with breakfast foods. Now, I'm all for the sausage, egg & cheese McGriddle.. but this concoction makes me say "ew!!"
Yea, I think the donut just went too far. Blech.
When I was home sick with a bad cold a few weeks ago, I actually watched the episode where she made this! The crazy part (other than the buns) was the amount of butter etc she used to make the eggs, bacon, etc.

Niclole is right... "EW!!"
I have only one thing to say to this--:O
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Did you see the episode of Paula's Party where she deep fried an ice cream cookie sandwich? Talk about bringing fried foods to a whole new level!

Although I will admit that there is a part of me that loves Paula Dean. I just love how she is unafraid to make such rich things!
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