Holey Jeans, Batman!

I loved a hole in my favorite jeans today. On the knee. Right where I used to cut my jeans when I was in middle school so that they would *look* like I was sooo cool and had had them for sooo long. Funny. I noticed the hole this morning, then made it significantly bigger by going down the slide on my knees with Kent in my lap at the mall play area this afternoon. The jury is still out on what I'm going to do now. The ankles have been wearing through for a while since they're long jeans that sometimes get stuck under my shoes, so even though I love the way they fit and they still cover all the important parts, something should probably be done. My options are threefold:
  1. Leave them as they are and only wear them when I don't care about impressing anyone.
  2. Cut them off into bermuda shorts.
  3. Do something crafty, like patch them, though if I did that, it's likely I'd mess up somehow and never wear them again.
This has happened to two other pairs of jeans in the past several years, with holes in much less appropriate places than the knee; the first got a hole in the butt right below the pocket, and the other got a hole in the crotch. At least a knee hole is easier to recover from.




oh holey jeans....reminds me how a few years ago people would pay a lot of money for jeans that were ripped up and worn looking. if that look is still in you could look super cool. not so sure if it is still in though. when my jeans get ripped up or even stained i use them for painting, outdoor stuff, and other things that would other wise ruin good jeans. so you could use them for when you're being crafty with kent or other messy things. If you want to keep them nice, I like the burmuda shorts ideas.
Erica. I currently have only one pair of jeans that fits and doesn't have holes at the knees. I only wear them out of the house. If you are not leaving the house, then wear your holey jeans. In fact, you can wear holey jeans around the house even when you plan to go out later, and then slip on the good pants before walking out the door. I haven't figured out why, but I can't keep my jeans from getting threadbare.
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