One soul enters, another soul leaves

There's now a Marlowe William in Pennsylvania, thanks to Jeannette and Chris. Gorgeous kid, happy family. I'm so excited to see him in a couple of weeks when we're in NJ and get to pop down to their house for a visit.

A little over two hours after Marlowe's birth, though, the beloved little dog of my beloved friend Nicole, whose name was Onex, passed away. She was something of a fixture in our lives in high school, always sticking close to Nicole and being sweet and hobbly, the tiniest of all her family's tiny dogs. She was very old, but it's still quite sad to know that she's not around anymore.

Hugs to Jeannette and Nicole, for two very different reasons.

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what a wonderful way of putting that Erica. Helps heal the loss
Aw, thanks E, for that nice post.

Even though he might not remember it, I'm glad Kent was able to meet Onex. =) He's special in that he'll be the only one of any of our kids to have had that chance!
What a beautiful tribute, E. I too will miss Onex, though I'm excited that Jeannette & Chris got to welcome their new little one!

And dude - you're going to be in NJ & PA soon?? Do I get to see you too?! :-D
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