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Ron mentioned to me a while back that he'd been paying more attention to signs lately, mostly because he's trying to start doing disaster planning with VA Tech and wants to recognize signs that are clear and well-written (or so I understand it). This, in turn, has sparked some new thing in my head, and I'm noticing signs now like never before. And since I have a camera phone, which has changed my life, I now share with you some of the signs I've seen recently that I thought needed to be captured for posterity.

Here's one from a convenience we stopped at on our way to Atlanta in April (plus my own pants reflected in the glass, and they ARE pulled up, thanks):

And this one, we saw outside a building in Greenwich Village a couple of weekends ago:

Finally, these three are from the farmer's market this weekend:

I don't need to say anything else. Good signs speak for themselves, I think.

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I love the one about the pants. We could use some of those around here.
I love it! At least you found signs with correct spelling. And I agree about the ugly tomatoes, they do taste better - minus the salmonella. :)
Those are great! I love your shoes that are reflected in the pants sign - they look cute & comfy. What kind of shoes are those?

I will have to start keeping an eye out for good signs like that. I just got a new cell phone that has a much better camera than my previous one, so it actually takes decent photos!
The shoes are Skechers, and I love them!

I highly recommend the camera phone to everyone... the camera on ours is a 1 megapixel, which isn't the greatest, but with a lot of light it takes pretty decent pictures. =)
I do not have a camera phone, but what a great use for it! Love the signs. Too bad you don't have any of those poorly translated signs from France.
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