I'm on my way... I don't know where I'm goin'

Goodbye to Ro-oooooo-sie, the queen of Corona... but I digress.

We're leaving for New Hampshire early in the morning. Like getting-up-at-4:30-to-be-at-the-airport-on-time early. Yuck. The high temps are supposed to be in the 70s, a range that is hard for me to even remember in the midst of a Louisiana summer, but I'm looking forward to the brisk morning air and swimming/canoeing in the nearby lake. There's also a craft fair and a couple of used bookstores we have plans to visit, and Kent will get to spend time with some fun aunts, uncles, and GranDebbie and Bapa, plus three dogs! There will be no blog posts or email answering until at least Tuesday night, when we get home, and we won't be in cell phone range for most of the trip, either. It's like returning to my youth, when none of this modern communication stuff was standard. No TV or anything. Just an ol' landline phone. And I think there's hot water.

To keep yourselves occupied during my absence, you may visit Kent's website for many new videos. We had planned to upload the latest photo gallery as well, but we're having trouble getting the photos on my laptop to merge with the photos on our other computer, so for now, it's just the videos. Some of them have appeared here, but others are new. Happy watching!

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Sounds like great fun! Happy travels!
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