The strep is verrrry tricksy

I've got strep. Again. My throat feels like it's practically closed up, but other than that, I feel much better than when I had it back in April. This time, I opted for the penicillin shot in the butt, since I was seeing a doctor who actually knew for certain that penicillin is safe for breastfeeding moms (the last guy had no idea, though I thought at the time that I liked him for being cautious). The injection site still hurts, and it's supposed to hurt for two days. Maybe I'll go back to the pills if I ever need an antibiotic again.

We thought that Jack had the flu last weekend (though it was never confirmed by a doctor), and on Wednesday/Thursday, when I started having the same headache and sore throat he started out with, I assumed I was getting it, too. I started running a fever in the night last night, so I went to the after-hours clinic this morning thinking I probably had the flu. They ended up doing a strep culture, which came back positive. Now we're wondering whether Jack had the flu or strep, even though I'm feeling much more like an alive person than he was last weekend.

It never occurred to me that I could be getting strep again, because when I had it before, I felt fine one day, then the next morning, I woke up with a terrible migraine and nausea. I thought I was going to the doctor to get something for my migraine, and I was totally shocked when they took my temp and it was over 100. I hadn't even noticed that I had a fever or much of a sore throat because of the nausea and the blinding pain in my head.

So apparently when I have strep, it comes under the guise of another medical condition. I guess if I break a bone in the future, I should be cautious that it might just be strep in disguise.




Awww..poor Erica. Strep stinks. I hope you are feeling better soon. It is hard to be a sick momma!-Heather
Oh no! Hope you feel better soon.
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