Kent runs

So you know what stinks? Legs that move faster than your brain can think. This has been Kent's problem all day. He has a busted lower lip, a giant swollen place between his two front teeth, and earlier today, a mouth full of blood from these injuries. I thought maybe he had knocked out a tooth or something, but luckily, they were only flesh wounds. He just keeps going too fast, and now that he's capable of running but he still isn't really bending his knees, one or both feet kind of fly out from under him and he face-plants into the floor. Sometimes it's funny, but not so much when he's sobbing and blood is dripping out of his mouth.

Anyway, that was pretty much my day. Since today is Make Something for Someone Else Day, while Kent was napping, I got some major work done on a felt board for my nephew's birthday next month — I can't wait until it's finished and I can post photos! Making a felt board is SO fun!

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Seeing as how your possibilities of other nephews are quite limited - I won't let Nicholas read your post. ;)
And Kent is getting to the stage where they look like they've been in fight club (without Brad Pitt, sadly). It passes in about...well, never. Boys are boys.
oh man, that sounds like it's hard on everyone... Do you have a children's museum or someplace like that that has rooms made basically from rubber that he can practice running full out it?
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