Also for spring...

Shorts with a fun new trim, made from my holey jeans that I couldn't in good conscience wear in public anymore. Many of you saw them this past week on our trip. They were getting pretty bad, with giant holes in both knees and holes at the bottom where they caught under my heels. So now my fave jeans have gotten a drastic makeover. I was thinking of it as an experiment, but I hoped very hard that they'd still be wearable, because I still love them and didn't want to get rid of them altogether.

I basically used the same procedure I used to hem my skirt, fashioning what amounted to really wide bias tape out of some pretty floral fabric that I only had scraps of in my stash. It was so easy. Folding and ironing the fabric was the hardest part, but it was maybe 20 minutes of my life from the first cut in my jeans, to the cutting and ironing of the floral fabric, to the last stitch sewn in place.

They might not be long for this world, as they're about to develop holes in some less socially acceptable places than the knees and heels. At that point I'll have to turn them into a potholder or something. At least I have some pretty shorts for this spring.

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Too cute. I am so jealous of being able to wear shorts and sandals outside... Not that I have any shorts I could fit into at this point...
About the skirt pattern- the nice thing is you only need 3 patterns to make any of those skirts. I still have the two I have made and hope to be able to use them again after the baby. We will see how my empty baby house messes that up :)
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