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Red beans are simmering on the stove. I find myself coming back to Alton's recipe over and over again, and I don't think that leaving out the meat hurts it one bit. I usually end up adding about 2 additional cups of water while they're cooking, since the water gets pretty low after an hour of simmering and I don't want them to stick. I pull out the bay leaves and take a potato masher to them about 20 minutes before they're done, and it makes a super creamy thing that's kind of the consistency of a thick stew. They're packed with flavor, very rich, and healthy to boot. I usually make cheese grits with them instead of rice — just a personal preference. Tonight we're having steamed spinach on the side. Spinach has been one of my more helpful pregnancy cravings, similar to all the broccoli I craved while I was pregnant with Kent. I wish I had thought to try making vegetarian red beans before last spring, because I hate to think of all the time I wasted NOT eating them!!

Kent and I are having a solo dinner and bedtime for what I think is the first time since Jack had his wisdom teeth out almost 2 years ago and was incapacitated for a couple of days. Jack is getting a study night to himself, so he's grabbing dinner on his own and then taking a couple of hours to study instead of coming home after work. It was my idea, to help him stay on track for his exam in November, a big 4-hour exam simply called "C" that seems to me to be pretty daunting. We're going to attempt to do this once a week until the exam, assuming I don't completely konk out from SAHM exhaustion.

Kent had a crazy itch on his foot that was so crazy it prevented him from taking a nap this afternoon, so he's pretty bleary-eyed at this point and will likely be heading to bed soon after dinner. After Jack gets home, we're planning to eat Dublin Mudslide Ben & Jerry's ice cream and watch the season premiere of The Office. I've been waiting all summer to be pregnant with Pam. She's the best.

Kent is far from actual reading yet, but we've been talking about letters for a while, and he can now recognize two printed words: Kent and zoo. I've shown him how letters are written, but I don't expect him to write any letters of his own for a long time, and that's alright. When he's drawing and scribbling, he'll occasionally tell me that he's writing, like a few months ago when he scribbled a little illustration and told me he was writing me a butterfly. I saved the post-it he drew that on and made a little note on the back about what he had said.

In other news, I am completely addicted to this website now. Every weekday, from 9 to 5 CT, they have hourly deals on overstocked items, where the price ticks down until they sell out of whatever it is. I've been keeping that window open on my laptop and checking it every hour just to see what the new items are. I keep hoping to see something we'll actually want for the baby, like a Moby wrap or new bedding or some random cool toy. They had the cutest girly cover for a Britax carseat that got down to about $10 (normally $70) before it sold out. It was for a different carseat than the one we own, which we're planning to get another of for the baby, but still, a rockin' deal. There's no way to tell how many are left while the price is ticking down, though, so it's like a big game of anonymous chicken.

I doubt I'll be doing any baby purchasing until next Tuesday, the big ultrasound day. 5 days. I'm far too excited. I have started feeling anxious in the last few days about the health of the baby, and I think a lot of it is coming from maternal guilt; I've been focusing so much on whether it's a boy or a girl that I've forgotten to also hope that everything is fine and that s/he is developing normally. A friend of mine in town is having her second baby in about a month, and the baby has a cyst somewhere in her digestive tract that's going to require surgery almost immediately after birth. She's got a team of neonatal specialists and surgeons lined up. Her situation has been a huge reminder to a lot of us about the rare but very serious things that can happen during fetal development. Most of us have such normal pregnancies and perfectly healthy kids, that it's a big kick in the gut when things don't actually turn out that way. I'm not freaking out about Beta, I promise, just hoping for the best.

There may be trip blogging in the future, but I won't commit to it since I have still not finished blogging the NJ trip in August. I've been such a blog slacker lately as other things take priority, but you'll be happy to note that Kent has been doing beautifully with training pants since I've been focusing a lot of my attention on that aspect of our home existence. He's telling us a lot of the times he needs to go, especially when we're out, though not as much at home where there are more distractions. He's also getting much better about pooping on the potty (i.e., resisting a lot less and just making it come out) than he used to be. Small steps, but a month of training pants has taken him pretty far along the road to potty self-sufficiency. It's kind of fun. It would not be fun if I also had a newborn, hence my reasons for doing it now. Plus, he really seemed receptive. Stickers and silly songs have been extra motivators, but mostly I think he's doing it out of a sense of accomplishment, or at least that's how I'm trying to help frame it for him.

Pantley's No-Cry Potty Training Solution and another book called Diaper-Free Before 3 have been really helpful to us. I keep thinking that I should make a reading list on my blog with mini-reviews of the books I've read. Maybe someday. It should probably happen before February, though, or it'll never get done!

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I know what you mean about the ultrasound thing. My best friend had a baby born with a neural tube defect shortly before Eli was born. She's fine now, but it really does give you a new gratitude for a healthy baby, no matter the sex. I view the 20 week ultrasound in a completely different way now.
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