Yarn apples

Currently making these adorable yarn apples. I knocked out six of them during Kent's nap. He loved throwing them around when he woke up, and now they're sitting in the middle of our fall table with the pumpkins and little gourds. Aren't they delicious?

It's pretty awesome to find almost everything you need for a new project already in your craft closet. That's one advantage to keeping all that stuff around. The only thing I had to buy was brown pipe cleaners, because believe it or not, I had all those colors of yarn AND I already had a package of green pipe cleaners. I'm sure I haven't used the green pipe cleaners in at least five years, and I don't even remember why I bought them. Maybe it was for tissue paper flowers or something.

In any case, these are a fabulous little fall project, and kids slightly older or more manually dexterous than mine would have a blast helping out. You know, I should really give Kent a shot with the winding part. No pre-judgment. I'll report back.

Edit: Kent wound most of a green apple with a lot of help, but he really liked helping and having his "own" apple. Duh, Mommy. Let him be involved.

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Those look great! So they're not knitted or something, you just wind them and tie them off?
Yep, much like making a pompom, only fruity. =)
So cute!! One day I'll be awesome like you and learn how to knit so I can make these cool projects! Heather :)
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