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I found this amazingly cute little book and was lucky enough to get it as a gift this summer: it's called Baby Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo, and it's full of adorable little sewing and embroidery projects for babies and kids. All the animals in the designs have wonderfully simple faces and details.

For my first project from the book, I settled on the felt finger puppets. There are ten animals in all, and I started with the tiger. I photocopied the patterns onto cardstock to make patterns I could cut out and reuse, I delved into my stack of felt, and I started cutting out this adorable little guy and putting him together.

Kent was very excited that I was making a tiger, though I'll admit that I sort of want to keep it myself and wear it on my finger constantly. Since it's felt and the little arms and ears are just one piece thick, I made sure Kent knew not to pull on them. He, like I, mostly likes to carry it around on his finger and admire it. For the record, this puppet also makes a lovely chapstick cozy. That's where it slept last night.

More animals to come include the penguin for sure, probably the pig, and whatever else I feel like making. It's a relaxing little project, and I'm excited for Anilia to join in the fun at Thanksgiving; I've already invited her to make some finger puppets with me if our children will allow us to put them down for any length of time.

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I love crafty girls and boys! What a cutie!! Oh and look my verification word is "gardin".
1) I think I'll be here for thanksgiving. yay.

2) I like seeing Jack and K in that pic.


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