Project Milk: initial donation

I sent the milk yesterday! 252 ounces, in 63 four-ounce bottles. FedEx guy came to pick it up at my house, dry ice worked marvelously, box arrived in Austin safe and sound this morning. I was *so* nervous that something was going to go wrong, but it all went swimmingly. I'm still pumping — the bank requests that I continue to pump for at least two more months, and I'm happy to keep doing it as long as my supply will keep up. I'm not sure I'll do it for a whole year, but we'll see how it goes.

As you can see in the photos, there was a lot of room to spare in the cooler, even though I surpassed the 200 ounces they want for the initial donation, so next time I'll wait to get a cooler until I have plenty to fill it up.

I lost my wallet today, or perhaps it was stolen, while we were at the sprayground. Boo. At least I'm still riding the high of helping sick and premature babies.

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Way to go!
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