***NEWS FLASH*** Jack's A/C has been fixed. That is the big news of the day. The Chevy dealer called us about half an hour before they closed yesterday to tell us that the same valve they replaced was causing the problem this time, so they didn't charge us... nevertheless leading me to wonder how many times they'll have to replace it. =) We'll see. Anyway, I got to take his car to work today, which was SO nice. The half-hour drive is a lot shorter when I doin't have to stick my head out the window to catch a breeze. It's probably safer too.

Work was good today. The guy I've been working with (he's been unofficially training me) said that I'm the first person they assigned to help him sort that actually did it right. It's sort of like all the work I did at the hospital in W-S where they were amazed that I could file so quickly and that I actually knew how to alphabetize. Go figure. I learned to alphabetize shortly after I learned my alphabet... did everyone else not do this??? Anyway, it rained a lot here today, which was sort of bad for the store because they had the bargain books outside, and the security guard (I've heard she's a bit of a moron anyway) told people that the books were free since they had gotten wet. We have no idea how many got taken before the manager figured this out. Some people should just sit at home instead of having jobs. I think some rich person should pay a living wage to stupid people if they'll agree to learn how to get a clue. There has to be a school for that, and then upon completion they can re-enter the workforce, no longer a threat to themselves or their co-workers. Geez.

Not too much else going on today... we're going to Baltimore to help Jack's sister move this weekend, so that should be exciting. I love carrying boxes! =) We do get to go to some kind of show and stay with her Saturday night, so I'm looking forward to it. On a side note, Patti is starting to eat more, so we're becoming wary of leaving her when we go out of town... could be a problem. Any suggestions on how to curb a pet's eating would be much appreciated. I certainly can't rely on my experience with my parents' dog, Daisy, the Lhasa snatch-food-out-of-your-hand-if-you-put-it-too-close-to-the-ground Apso. She's a pig. ~E

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