Okay, it's freaking hot up here... I'm sure it is everywhere right now, but good grief... 90+ every day of the last two weeks! I especially notice it because neither of our cars has A/C right now. In case you missed it, the Honda people told me it would be $1000 to fix mine... yes, that's three zeros... and Jack's car has some kind of leak in the coolant containment area. The Chevy dealer fixed it just long enough for us to drive away and think for two days that it was fixed and we wouldn't collapse from heat exhaustion this summer, but then Monday, we realized that the "leaking part" they claimed to have replaced apparently wasn't the entire problem. So his car is there again, and we took my car to Harrisburg today (2 hours each way). We were meeting Lauren (one of my bridesmaids/close friends) who was visiting Penn State, because she's going there for grad school next year, so she and her mom had lunch with us on I-81. It was very fun, but the drive back was no fun at all. I jumped in the shower practically the minute we got back, so now I feel better, and I'm very excited that our apartment has effective A/C and a fan in our bedroom. =) It's going to be a long summer.

My job is going really well, except that last night the conveyor belt broke. See, I work at one of about 3 stores in the country that doesn't have a loading dock, so we use a conveyor belt to get new shipments down to the basement and then back up to the store level once they've been sorted. Last night, my second night on the job, I spent about 4 hours sorting books down there, and right after I boxed up a bunch to send upstairs, the thing broke, and apparently it'll be down for two weeks to get fixed for good. This means I get to relive my spectacular moving experience and probably carry boxes up and down the stairs every day I go to work. =) That's okay... that's why they pay me. A side benefit I think I forgot to mention before is that I get to borrow two books at a time for up to two weeks as long as I bring them back in sellable condition, so I got a web design book for Jack last night so he can learn more things. Yay, learning! I've already found a bunch of novels I want to borrow, but I'm making myself finish my library books first so I can get them back (Invisible Man and The Poisonwood Bible). I think I'm going to take a nap now, because I'm tired and it's my day off, so I CAN. Hahahaha. ~E

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