So, I almost got a job today. =) I interviewed at Borders, and the manager I spoke to told me that as soon as she contacted a few of my references tonight or tomorrow, I would have a job, and I can start training next week! Woohoo! It pays a bit more than minimum wage, I get a 25% discount that becomes 33% after 60 days, and I'm very excited about working in the music section and also helping people with books. It should be lots of fun. Maybe after a few months I'll decide I want to work in the cafe so that I can make coffee and stuff for people, because that would be very cool too. I suppose that if Bed Bath & Beyond or Blockbuster calls me, I'll tell them that they should have called me sooner because I am a hot commodity. Yes, I believe I'll use those words. Jack is sitting on the floor sorting through some of my dad's computer CDs to see exactly what we have, which is a WHOLE lot of stuff! Patti is keeping us company by lounging around the room looking distant and unconcerned, but we know she just wants to be petted and annoyed by us. =) Maybe I'll brush her in a minute. Ha ha ha ha ha!! That's all for now. ~E

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