Today I spent entirely too much time at the King of Prussia mall with my mom. =) If you've never been there before, it's HUGE. Bigger than Hanes Mall, bigger than anything in North Carolina, actually. We were looking for a rehearsal dress for me and a dress for her for the wedding, and we found a few things that might work but nothing spectacular. At least I know I can go back to Macy's later, because they had a whole lot of stuff on clearance, which makes them actually affordable! It was great. In addition, The Museum Company there was going out of business, so they had everything at least 60% off, even though 2/3 of the store was empty. I got presents for lots of people, so it was exciting. (Haha, Katherine, I have presents for you and you don't know what they are!) I also found a few cute things I might get for my flower/ring girls (my cousins, Shelby and April), but we'll see. The search continues. I have months left anyway. Jack and I are going to Lancaster tomorrow to spend some time with Mom and Bill and possibly see a movie tomorrow night. On a different note (C#, I suppose), I spoke with the Borders people last night, and they officially offered me the job! So I'm employed, and I start Monday evening sorting books. I get to sort books for a week because training doesn't start until July 1, but at least I get to go in and get paid and learn my way around a little. Yay, employment! I'm very tired now from walking around all day... I had to run to keep up with my mother's breakneck speed (she's a fast one), and we were both wiped out when we stopped for our 5:00 ice cream. Hehehe. I'm going to bed very soon. Later, all!

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