Well, Jack and I went to Lancaster yesterday to visit Mom and Bill and see The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and it was really good! It came highly recommended from most of my friends, so I wanted to see it, and it's excellent. Jack and Bill were probably the only men in the theater, or at least the only men enjoying it, but it was cool. I love the little girl who played Sidda (Sandra Bullock's character) as a child... she was adorable. We also got started sanding these chairs that Jack's parents gave us... the kind that come in a box and you get to sand and stain them and then put them together. We're working on them over there because we couldn't very easily do it here... we'd get high on the fumes... plus it gives us an excuse to visit them. We got ONE of the chairs sanded... oooh, big deal... but it was unpleasant to do much more outside yesterday. Plus sanding things makes me feel like I'm running my nails across a blackboard, so I was glad he just wanted to do one to see how it turned out. =)

Jack has an interview with a temp place tomorrow, so we went to Center City (downtown) today to find the building so he wouldn't get lost in the morning. We ended up eating at this really good Chinese restaurant... the first one I've been to in ages where there wasn't a buffet. Hehehe. We also found a mall that's sort of hidden on 16th street... we happened upon the entrance, and we ended up spending lots of time (but thankfully no money) there. Jack went to the camera place while I looked at clothes and underwear, so that was fun. =) I've been worthless the rest of the day, just knitting and watching tv, etc. I was watching 60 Minutes, and they had this whole segment about artificial heart pumps... they used to just be for people who were about to get transplants, but doctors have discovered that after they modify the pump, people can live on them for years. Anyway, the doctor they were talking to was Jarvik, the one who made the first artificial heart, and this pump of his is the Jarvik 2000. Katherine, Becca, Nicole, and Tucker... I thought of your Anatomy video recreating his first transplant, so it was sort of funny to remember that, especially when they showed a picture of the real Barney Clark and he looked nothing like Nicole. Anyway, I start work tomorrow at 5, so wish me luck!

Also, if you've been cruising our website and have found a misprint or something about you that's just plain wrong in here, let me know and I'll fix it! I can do that, because it's easy and doesn't involve messing with the code. =) That's all for now. ~E

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