I met with the head of the theory department (Dr. Folio) at Temple yesterday morning, and she seems to think I'll be fine in the counterpoint class they offer this fall. There was an orchestration class that looked neat, but apparently it's full, so I'm going to check on Keyboard Harmony, something I desperately need to work on anyway! I might be taking two music classes and a German I class, depending on availability, but at least I'm in the door and can officially register now. Yay! I had a semi-breakdown Sunday night, wondering if I should even be trying this, but now I'm good, and Dr. Folio was very cool to talk to.

Work continues to be good, even though I'm looking at investing in some Dr. Scholl's arch support thingies because my feet and lower back hurt so much when I get home from work. That's okay, though... it's very fun. Even today, when we had two new registers, including the only one in the cafe, so the cafe people had to make the drinks and then send customers over with a little piece of paper with their code written on it for those of us who didn't have the codes memorized. =) It was exciting. Just after lunch, our manager who had been on the phone with tech support since 6 a.m. finally got everything up and running (well, almost... credit cards won't scan...). Hmm... what else? I've made dinner, but I'm waiting for my beloved to return home (he had to drive really far for a job interview with RadioShack), so I'm killing time after Jeopardy. Yes, Jeopardy comes on BEFORE Wheel of Fortune here... this is the sound of a schema breaking... I'm also making strawberry pancakes for our dessert, since Jack bought me strawberries that were buy one, get one free yesterday. He's such a good shopper. Bye now.

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