Greetings, everyone... Jack and I are finishing packing for our trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, but I wanted to hop on and give a quick update before we go. I went into work this morning for 4 hours to make up the time I'm taking off this weekend (I had to get up to 35 for the week), so that was cool... I like working 4 hours and then getting to leave. =) Too bad I won't get to do that very often, but still, it was nice. I swung by AAA in Springfield to get our tickets and a map, and now I'm trying to remember everything I need to take. Basically, I need to take clothes and money, but you know how it is packing for a trip... you feel like you have a thousand things to do. This is the last time in a while that we'll have to leave Patti as our watch-cat over the weekend, but we got her a food dish on a timer, so it will give her more food in 24 and then in 40 hours. We could probably leave a bunch of food in a big mixing bowl and she'd be fine, but she was starting to get a little pudgy a few months ago, and we want to keep her figure looking trim and girlish.

The other somewhat exciting news is that we got cable yesterday morning. Now I feel like saying, "What? We get more than 4 channels, and they're not all staticky??" So far, we've watched Mad About You on Lifetime and American Gladiators on TNN. It's been very exciting. However, this proved that, if necessary, we CAN in fact live without cable, so that's good. Gee, that's a problem only an American would have. How trite I feel. Oh well.

While I was at work, I got us a few new CDs to listen to in the car... one is from a new band called Seven and the Sun (the lead singer/songwriter is supposedly named Seven), and we listened to it in the music store a few times, which is how I found out about it... very fun, alternative/punk sound... I'll post an official review or something when we get back. Hehehehe. The other CD is the soundtrack to Season 4 of Felicity, which was my favorite "teen angst" drama while it was still on TV (except they were in college, but you get the idea). The last episode was in May, and it was sad, but the music on the show has always been good and mellow, so I got it. I'm also reading The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and it's great so far. =) Go, Southerners! I'm missing the South more and more, especially when I drive, because people up here have no idea how to be patient. I thought drivers in Charlotte were bad, but I had ***NO IDEA***. Seriously. Have a fun weekend, everyone!

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