Well, I tried to check my email, but Doteasy, the company that hosts our webpage and email, isn't letting me in right now. Whatever. We had a FABULOUS time at Busch Gardens with Lauren and Katherine. =) Saturday wasn't as hot as it's been this whole damn summer, so waiting in line for rides wasn't as miserable as I was anticipating. We got to ride most of the roller coasters twice, even though the park was shut down for rain for almost an hour.

Now we're in Lancaster visiting Mom and Bill; Jack, Mom and I are going car shopping in a little bit, as soon as those slow pokes take showers. We're looking at Toyota Corollas, Toyota Echos, and Saturn SLs, and we might do the Dodge Neon thing if those don't turn up anything spectacular today. Mom reminded me this morning that when I was little, I kept saying that I wanted a Honda Accord, which amused me a little, considering the fact that my I'm so desperate to replace my current Honda Accord. Anyway, JD Power seems most impressed with Toyota Corollas, so we decided to check those out, and they're priced about like Saturns, so I'm hoping we have some luck today! I'm thinking either blue or silver, depending on what the colors look like in real life and not just on Internet Explorer. For more information on our current car situation (with a humorous twist), go to Jack's updates.

Anyway, wish us luck with the car hunt and gather... hopefully, we'll actually be able to drive home with air conditioning. We're thinking that we should donate my little blue baby car to the Kidney Foundation or one of those places that wants cars, because I would get a maximum of $200 on my trade-in, I think. It's hardly worth it, and then some person without a kidney can love my car instead. Or something.


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