Work was good the last few days, now that I'm actually working and not just "fake" working, the way I was during training. =) The excitement of yesterday was helping a man in a wheelchair find erotica books, and he was very specific in wanting something with pictures to "spice up" his and his girlfriend's sex life. Yeah. He went into much more detail than I'm going into here, because it was thoroughly strange, but I handled it well and was very polite, I think. I chuckled about it later, though. Patti has been getting into boxes as usual, especially here in the computer room, but now Jack is in the process of converting her into a lap cat. She's been a little skittish as long as I've known her, since she came to my uncle from another home, but she's finally realizing that we're not going to hurt her and she can get us to pet her a lot if she'll just stick around where we can reach her. =) We got her a toy that Jack's cats have: a ball in a track. It's about a foot and a half in diameter, and in the middle of the track is a cardboard mat that we get to put catnip in. So basically what happens is that she eats the catnip, gets high, and then rolls around and becomes fascinated with the ball for twenty minutes or so. Just say no to drugs...

Jack probably has a job with RadioShack, because they seemed very excited about him when he went in to their store on Monday, but no promises... hopefully, my writing this won't jinx it, but he's excited, and he's also gotten a lead on a new web project he might get to do. Yay! Today is my day off, so I'm being lazy, and it's wonderful. The last two days, especially yesterday, I ran around so much at work that I came home feeling, as my dad used to put it, like a train had run over me. Luckily, I have a nice boy in my apartment who will massage my feet for me after dinner while we're watching movies on the sofa. Sometimes, our cat even comes up to us wanting to be petted. I get my first paycheck on Thursday. Life is good.

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