Yeah, so Jack's car has had some issues... this is part of the reason I haven't written in over a week. =) We went to Baltimore as scheduled to help Jack's sister move down the street from her old apartment to the new one, and that was fun, but when we tried to leave and got onto the highway, we ran out of gas because neither of us was paying enough attention to the gas gauge. Long story short... we ended up frying his fuel pump, which, in a '95 Cavalier, requires taking out half of the gas tank... so we spent $800 on the repairs, plus our train tickets to get back home the NEXT day, after we had the AAA guy tow the car to the Chevy dealer down the road. Earlier on Saturday afternoon, we had realized that the A/C was broken yet again, so now that the car is finally back up in Philly (Jack went to get it yesterday), we can take it back to our Chevy dealer and have them rethink the problem, since it obviously is not just the valve they've replaced twice already. Enough about that... the weather is a little cooler this week, so we are not quite so unhappy as we might otherwise be. =)

I had training at Borders all this past week, which was really cool, so now I know all sorts of stuff. I don't know how I ever found anything in the store before, honestly, because you really have to have help to find a LOT of stuff there. =) I guess that's how the company insures that the employees will not become obsolete. I get to work in the music section a few days this next week, and I'm also going to be "cross-trained" in the cafe. We watched this video on Saturday called Espresso 101, and I learned that basically everyone I know (including me) stores their coffee the wrong way. It was exciting. (Hey, Jack just broke a glass lamp shade. Random occurrence. He's okay, but he's mad because he liked that lamp.) Anyway, I'll basically be the person who knows a little bit about everything in the store, because I couldn't narrow myself down to one area (sound like me??), so I'll work in music, the book info desk, the registers, and the cafe depending on where they need the most help. Yay. =)

Today we went to Lancaster, because Mom and Bill left and needed us to take Daisy to the kennel. They went on a cruise with Mom's brother and sister-in-law and my grandparents, because June 14th was my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary! It was very exciting, and they wanted to share it with their kids, so they're on a cruise for a week from NYC to the Bahamas and then back. Woohoo! Anyway, the kennel opened today after they had to leave, so we took the wonder-Lhasa to camp. =) I had a nice day off, and I get to go back to the working world tomorrow, this time not in "training" mode! The other three people I trained with and I did some real work the last two days of training, like working the registers and helping people from the info desk, but we get to do it all day from now on. I'm excited. I get some great benefits at this place, and I think it's going to be a neat job to have... plus I'll know when Harry Potter Book 5 is coming out before ANY of you will, so ha. Just kidding. ~E

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