As Chanda, one of my sorority sisters, said, "Let us now have a moment of silence for the Blue-mobile." My car has officially moved on to a new owner, this girl that we got in touch with through the United Way. We went to AAA today to sign over the title, and since I'm an idiot and forgot my driver's license this morning (it's in my other shorts), they were REALLY nice and took my social security card and my International Student ID, since one had my signature and another had my picture. =) We got that all taken care of, and I showed her the little idiosyncrasies of my beloved car, like the fact that the rear defroster has never worked, and the way the hood opens backward so that you have to stand beside the car, rather than in front of it, to do anything to it. Anyway, it was fun, and I kissed my car and patted it goodbye. Mom and I were talking as we drove out of the parking lot, and I decided that it's the same feeling as when you have to put an old doll out at your yard sale, and then a really sweet little girl comes and buys it with her 50 cents out of her own pocket. Of course, this specific situation has never happened to me, but it's a metaphor.

Well, I bought Granny and Uncle Mark a Gateway computer last week, so they've set it up and Uncle Mark has started to use it. He said Granny would start small, like learning how to turn it on, and maybe soon she'll be reading the updates here for herself and emailing me! That would be exciting. I still can't picture a computer in her house, but I'll see it soon enough. =)

Our weird customers continue to amuse and/or annoy me, including this one woman who is obsessed with my music supervisor. She comes in almost every day looking for him, and she's a really fast-talking Hollywood agent type who wants everything right that minute, so I can't lie to her because she talks too fast and confuses me. =) Anyway, we always roll our eyes when she comes near, and sometimes I get to warn him before she gets up to the desk. She didn't know him from Adam a month ago, and now she's bringing him lunch (which he never eats, thank goodness), trying to get him a radio job, and giving him Borders gift cards. We haven't figured out what's up with her, but my supervisor is starting to think that maybe she's just lonely and bored and needs someone to "take care of" if that's what she feels like she's doing. No idea. Anyway, she's a trip, and everyone in the entire store is getting to know her now, not just our little music department. It's a real joy. It's always fun to sit in the back and talk about our customers, including one guy last week who apparently shoplifted for some friends and then called later, feeling horribly guilty, to ask if he could come in and pay for the stuff he stole. Yes, he did. I'm not joking. Jack was there.

Anyway, I'm still in Lancaster, and we're at Mom's school, though Mom has wandered down the hall to help a teacher with something. Maybe we'll make it to the craft store tonight before it closes, so I can get home before all the crazy people come out on the roads. Oh wait... I live in the North now. They're ALWAYS on the roads.

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