Hi all... I was going to come update the site yesterday evening, but I had some mildly disturbing news and had to take care of it quickly. Basically, the David's Bridal in Charlotte ordered the bridesmaids' dresses I picked that happened to be discontinued, and they actually found the 8 I needed, but then the girl handling our order quit, and so when the dresses came, nobody knew what they were, so they put them out on the floor and SOLD THEM. Anyway, we knew something fishy was going on since they hadn't been delivered to us yet, but Mom called me and told me this last night, so I made a fun trip alone to David's Bridal near where I work and found something else really cool. It's not navy, so the color scheme is slightly shifted, but I'm still going to have lots of white, silver, and different shades of blue (for a sort of wintery/ice castle look with lots of ivy thrown in). Most brides would be more upset by this sort of thing, which I was a little bit, but I'm better now that I've realized there are many worse things that could have happened to me than that. =)

Jack just finished his second day of training at my Borders (in case you haven't been reading his updates, he got hired there as a bookseller). It's kind of fun to be here while he's not here for a few hours a day, especially since the cat plays with me more. I guess when it's a choice between me and sheer boredom, she picks me... I should be flattered, right? Right. Such is my kitten, but I love her. The new car is still fabulous, especially since I'm getting to listen to more of my CDs than I ever thought possible! I got a call this morning from the professor who teaches the grad seminar I want to take this fall, and he said, "well, you have a music degree, and this is a beginning Master's level class, so I think you'll be fine." I was excited to hear that my degree means something to someone there. =) I think things are going to work out fine, but it's been a bit of a rocky start. I'm really looking forward to taking some upper level stuff that will expand my schema of this career path I've chosen here.

Friday, I'm going to State College, PA, to help Lauren move into her new place for grad school. She and Katherine are driving up from Winston-Salem with Lauren's family, and I'm driving over (about 3 hours) to help with the move, hopefully repaying any debts I may have incurred while moving earlier this summer. Hehehe... just kidding. I've gotten to withhold Katherine's birthday present, but now I have to give it to her, and she's actually going to find out what it is instead of my being able to taunt her about getting her a new espresso machine, an array of flavored syrups, chocolate powder, and a set of twelve coffee mugs. Oh, Jack's home... I must run along. ~E

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