I'm currently pulling songs off lots of CDs of Jack's and mine to play at our reception, so I'm surrounded by stacks of CD cases and have a million windows open on the computer! It's lots of fun, though... we're trying to come up with a good mix of songs without having anything too horribly generic. We can't do generic at our reception. =) Tonight, I had a very pleasant encounter with the kids who live in our complex. As Jack has said before, we have the BEST kids living here. They play outside all the time, and they talk to each other out of their windows and stuff when one is inside. Anyway, I finally got around to repotting the daisy plant we have, since it had long outgrown its pot and the dirt was too high for us to water it without spilling. I took all the stuff downstairs and sat on the front stoop to do it, and first, a woman came across the courtyard for advice on her jade plant, which I just happen to have experience with. She had it in one of those big insulated coffee mugs and wanted to know if she should repot it. It was healthier than the jade plant I once managed to kill, and it was definitely time for a transplant. =) After she walked back across the courtyard and told her friend/relative what advice I had given her, this little girl, probably 6 years old, came up to me and asked what I was doing. I explained that the plant was too big for its pot so I was putting it into a bigger one. She watched me for a little while, and then a few of her friends came over. One of them asked me why the dirt stuck to the plant after I pulled it out of the first pot, so I told her that the roots grabbed on to the dirt and held it in place. The first little girl, who then introduced herself as Chloe (one of my favorite names, and the name of my new car!), asked me if I did this for a living. I chuckled and said no, I just had a few plants, thinking to myself that she wouldn't have asked that if she knew how many plants I had killed at college. Some professional. =) Her friend told me her name, and then they started pointing at all their other friends and telling me their names too, because the friends had now gathered in our little patch of yard and were running around and dancing. One of the parents was cooking on a little grill outside, so some of them were eating dinner, and it was just a really neat thing to be a part of. You don't think you can have encounters like this when you move to a big city, but it still happens, and it was very refreshing, not to mention highly amusing. My first college roommate, Bev, said that for some reason, she had always wanted to have black children, because she thought they were so awesome and adorable. I can totally understand that now, though our long-term plans for children don't include adoption at the moment. =)

Work has been good still, and I have some semblance of a schedule for the fall. Of course, it all hinges on the supposed classes I may or may not be taking, but I should know that by next Wednesday, and then I'll have a whole semester planned out! I won't know what to do with all the structure. =) I'm planning on taking the bus to class, even though it'll take about an hour, because that way I can read or do homework, and I won't have to pay parking or battle traffic to get into Center City. I'm hoping this works out and that I can get familiar enough with the bus system to use it a lot, because it certainly makes more sense than spending all that money and effort on driving there myself. Jack and I are going to Lancaster, probably Thursday afternoon, since we both have TWO days off in a row!! Incredible!! Anyway, we're hoping to get some actual work done on addressing our invitations with Mom. We might even work on our not-yet-assembled dining room chairs again... those are being handled in very small installments, since they involve a lot of sanding and waiting for stain to dry, etc.

I'm going to go cuddle with my worn-out fiancé for a little bit... this week, our hours are a little off, so I got home 3 hours before him tonight, and he goes in 3 hours before I do tomorrow. This means he gets much less relaxation time today, but I had to get up and go in at 9 every day last week. =) It evens out. That's all for now.

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