Sorry to keep everyone in suspenders for two days, but I got a NEW CAR. =) Yay!! Toyota was trying to cut me a good deal for a Corolla, but the 2003 models are in such high demand that it was going to be a few weeks before they could even get me one, so I decided to go with the lovely people at Saturn. Bob, the salesguy, was really cool and down to earth and a little bit goofy, so it was like buying a car from an actual human instead of the two guys at different Toyota dealers who had each spent too much money on diamonds and tanning beds. Go figure. Anyway, my new baby is Silver Blue, the same color as my favorite toenail polish. Don't think I'm shallow... I just think it's a testament to the fact that I should have this car. Hehehe. I got a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty as a sort of upgrade to the 3 year one, so I can take my car to any Saturn dealer anywhere to get my oil changed or my A/C fixed or my fuses changed or anything. How exciting. =) I'm glad that I bought a car from a company I respect... I could have spent less on a different car, but I didn't, and I'm happy.

Bill was thinking that he wanted to keep the Honda as a spare, which meant that insurance and the title were going to be a mess, since I was insured to drive it and I'm only 22, so it's silly for them to keep my name on the policy. Anyway, he decided to donate it to someone worthwhile. Mom and I are joint title holders of the Saturn, which also might be weird when we try to do stuff with it, but that's the way the loan worked, since I don't have much credit and Borders doesn't exactly pay a living wage. =) Our cat continues to amuse us by jumping into our new TV stand behind the DVDs and sitting on phone books, but that's why people have pets, right? Something to love and laugh at on a daily basis. ~E

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