Today has been relatively good, except for my phone call to Temple. After my nice talk with one of the professors yesterday, I called to see about registering today, and the assistant dean told me I couldn't register because there might be other students who want to add these classes at the last minute, so they can't guarantee me a spot. That's understandable, but I find it very frustrating that she couldn't have told me that one of the last THREE times I talked to her about registering. Instead, she made me jump through a bunch of hoops, and now I just have to show up the first day of class, not knowing if I'll get to take it or not. I decided I'm going to show up to the first day of German I as well, just in case I don't get into one or both of the music classes. Geez. This also puts my schedule at work up the air, but hopefully I'll be able to work something out with our HR manager when she gets back into town next Monday.

I had a day off today, which was nice, especially since Jack is in training and I got to be here alone for a while (as I still am, until 11:30 or so). I just spent an hour and a half at the grocery store, and our freezer and cabinets are now completely full... hopefully, he won't try to open the freezer before I've had a chance to warn him. Could be disastrous. Now I have a bit of a headache, so I'm going to go watch Law & Order since I missed The West Wing by being at the store. I also may read some of Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets, since I'm rereading the books in order to keep vigil until Ms. Rowling finishes the fifth book. My kitty is meowing, so I'm going to go play with her and maybe she'll even sit on my lap while I watch TV. I won't hold my breath. =)

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