Well, Jack and I just started watching The West Wing on NBC tonight, and let me tell you, THAT is a well-written show. I'm hooked. =)

I've been working on registering at Temple, but the professor whose seminar I want to take hasn't been around much, so it's kind of slow going. I spoke with the Assistant Dean today, and she said there really wasn't a rush, as long as I got it done before classes started, because I wouldn't have priority over matriculated students anyway. Hmph. It makes complete sense, but that started within me a whole new fear of losing my spot even if I do get into these classes. I can't wait until September 3rd, the day classes start, so I'll actually know what's going on and why we're in Philadelphia.

Borders is still good... I'm full-time in music now instead of being split between music and books, and it's good for several reasons. First of all, the section is a lot smaller, so I can get to know what all we have and where it is much easier than in the bookstore, and second, it's not nearly as hectic in the music store... especially since we don't have summer reading. Do me a favor, if you're reading this... if you have or ever will have children, get their summer reading books EARLY. We don't always have everything, because we sell out of it as soon as it comes in, and we have so many angry, irresponsible parents who waited until now to get their kids' books and are outraged that we don't have everything they need right there for them. This is most unpleasant. I've done a bunch of special orders. On the other end of the spectrum is the sweet, quirky customer like the woman I tried to help the other day... I somehow got trapped in the kids' section, which happens every time I walk over there, and this woman who was someone's kindly, well-meaning grandmother was looking for a children's book on Colonial Architecture. Is that specific, or am I crazy? (Both, you say? Well, be quiet.) Anyway, I looked high and low for something that would work, including several books about the architecture of the pyramids and the Golden Gate bridge, but she was apparently dead-set on Colonial, so she thanked me very much for trying and walked away empty-handed. If she were in Williamsburg or Monticello, she could buy 6 or 8 different books in their gift shop, but not at Borders, apparently. This is what I'm learning. I wouldn't trade it for any other retail job, though; I can say that for certain. I've never enjoyed selling things before, but with this, it's not like a mall where they just wander in off the street. They come wanting to browse in Metaphysics or wanting the new Tom Clancy book that just came out Monday, and I get to point them to the display and then show them where his other books are and tell them to have fun looking around. It's good. I also get to talk with all these charming old men who come in wanting to discuss Wagner and Mozart with me, so that's good too. They teach me more than I teach them, so I'm not really sure it's fair, but that's okay. Eventually, it might be the other way around, right? Only Temple has the answer to that right now. ~E

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