SORRY! I know it's been over two weeks since I updated anything... I've been in contact with most of you, but for those of you who haven't heard a peep, I'm still alive. My two classes at Temple are keeping me pretty busy when I'm not working 35 hours a week at Borders or finishing planning my wedding. =) I registered for Counterpoint, and I'm a registered "auditor" of the graduate research seminar that was too full for me to take for credit. Of course, I'm paying for it, so I would assume the professor is still going to look at my work, but I'll find out tomorrow when I turn in my first assignment. Borders is still cool, even though one of the guys grates on my nerves a little... Jack and I talk about him when we're at home and how much we dislike working with him. We're bad.

Granny (my dad's mom) is officially online!!! I got a computer for her and my uncle, and he's been showing her how to do email and use a mouse and everything. =) I'm SO proud of her, because even though she knows how to type, it's not easy to learn something like email when you haven't grown up with it, so good for her!

The rest is a copy of what I just put on the wedding portion of our site, but be sure to go there every once in a while for other news. We still haven't had a digital camera come our way to take pictures of our cat and the apartment, but Mom is coming Saturday, so maybe she'll add that to the list of things to bring (hint, hint). Anyway, here's the wedding schpiel:

The wedding planning is coming along swimmingly. We're still waiting on a few important things, like Jack's wedding band and the bridesmaids' dresses, but all those have been ordered and are on the way, at least. Jack and I are trying to get a weekend in October off together so we can come to Winston for various things (mostly visiting Granny and Uncle Mark). I'm still tossing around hair ideas, trying to decide what fun thing I want my hair to do on the big day. I'm thinking of getting it cut short, so I have to decide if I want to do that now or after we get hitched. =) I always have really vague ideas about what to do with my hair, so if you happen to know of a good magazine or website or something I can go to for style ideas, let me know!!!! ~E

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