So the "occasionally updated" part over at the left is more true than I had first imagined... I don't have to tell you again that I've been busy; you've probably gathered that! If you haven't seen yet, we just put our kitten on the web!! Visit her page, small though it is... we'll be adding more later, like an advice column, Patti's favorite things, and updates on what she's been up to lately. For now, there are pictures with captions added by Jack. =)

Today I get to turn in my bibliography for my 15-18 page research paper. Woohoo! I'm writing on Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue; at least I think I am. My professor said I might not be able to find enough stuff, but to try anyway, and we're going to discuss today whether it will work. I have a couple of backup options, but I'd really like to write on this, especially since most people don't have the respect for Gershwin that they do for "classical" composers. Ignorant sluts. One of the interesting things I've read, though, was something Leonard Bernstein wrote in an introduction to a book I checked out of the library. Apparently, when Bernstein was in college (I guess in the 30s or 40s), he expressed interest in Tchaikovsky, and everyone laughed at him, because at the time, no one thought of Tchaikovsky as anything more than a second-rate Russian nobody. Anyway, his point was that he thought Gershwin would earn the same respect over time, but enough time hasn't passed for people to get him yet.

Borders is good, and we're gearing up for the Christmas rush. We put our holiday music and cards out a couple of weeks ago, so as far as we're concerned, Christmas is just around the corner. They're starting to hire temporary holiday help, which will be good, since our turnover has been pretty high since Jack and I started working there. Last night, two people were sick, so Jack and I were two of the three sellers in the entire book and music store. We had two managers and someone in the cafe, but it didn't quiet down until about 9 p.m., so I was quite fatigued by the end of the night and was ready to have a day off today. We took my baby into the Saturn dealer to have an oil change today, and I asked them to order me the parts for cruise control, so hopefully they'll be able to put that in sometime next week before Jack and I drive to Winston (the 19th through the 21st, for those keeping score at home).

On the home front, I've been branching out with my cooking, and I bought a French cookbook the other day at work. It has recipes for all sorts of really yummy desserts and soups. I don't have half of the space or equipment I need to make most of it, but eventually we will have a real kitchen with real counter and storage space, and I will be able to be a whirlwind master chef. It'll be great. The latest project for me to improve on is my bread making, so wish me luck as I subject Jack to all sorts of taste tests and other things to which he regularly objects (yeah, right). Bye for now!

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