Hi, everybody! Well, life is pretty good... Jack is on his cell phone in the other room catching up with Arun, one of his groomsmen and a friend from Queens, so I decided to come in here and monopolize the other phone line to post one of my all-too-infrequent updates. =) If you haven't been reading Jack's updates, read them... he's just gotten a temporary promotion at work, so he gets to be inventory supervisor for a month at Borders while two of our supervisors are off helping open other stores. He's begun his training, but he still has to learn paperwork, how to open the store, how to take crap from mean customers, etc... that last one will be the hardest for him, I think, but he'll be great. That's what I'm here for... so he can smile at them and do what he can to fix their problem even though he really doesn't want to, and then he can come home and say "You won't BELIEVE the horrible customer I had today!!!!!" And I will listen patiently. =)

Things are looking up for me, particularly since I decided to drop back to part-time hours at work. This sort of sucks for them during Christmas season (you weren't thinking about Christmas, but trust me... we are), but a bunch of newbies were just hired and trained, and I HAD to drop back my hours to get things accomplished in my life. So I'll be working full shifts (mostly with Jack) three days a week instead of five, and I get to spend all my newfound extra time applying to grad schools (Yale is the top-seed right now), doing homework, taking care of my cat and my fiancé, finishing wedding plans (even though it's pretty much planned), and contemplating life. I'll be visiting Yale on November 20-21, meeting with professors and students to see how things run there and see if they might want to let me in so I can learn about all this awesome music stuff I only know a little about right now. =) My classes are so much fun this semester, and I've written compositions for Counterpoint that I actually like, which is more than I can say for the things I wrote at Queens! Anyway, I need to go, but I hope everybody I haven't talked to in a while is doing well. Anyone else out there planning on starting a website like this? You should! It's great, even if you usually forget to update it. That's what fiancés are for. ~E

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