Okay, okay... I'm sorry to those of you I left in the lurch by saying, "EeK, I'm visiting Yale this week" and then not reporting anything further about how the visit actually went. It was good. I met individually with all the professors on the admissions committee for the graduate music theory program, and I got to sit in on two classes and a professor's presentation. The classes were a little over my head, but I was sort of with them mentally, and the Post-Tonal analysis class, where they picked apart a Schoenberg piano work using set theory and all sorts of other mathematical methods, was awesome. =) It's the kind of thing I could see myself loving, with my analytical brain and all. Anyway, all the people I talked to, professors and students, were very friendly and interested in me, and I'd love to go there next year. Note to all: this is the place that wait-listed me last year, so things are looking up. The head of the admissions committee was very frank with me about what he remembered from my application last year and what I needed to work on, so that was nice, and I'll be working hard over the next couple of weeks trying to get everything ready to send to them, besides finishing assignments for my two classes.

For Thanksgiving, Jack and I will be visiting Mom and Bill, and hopefully we'll get to Lancaster early enough on Thursday morning that I'll at least catch SOME of the Macy's parade. The years I sleep through it, I get momentarily depressed and feel like it's not really Thanksgiving, so I'll have to make sure we're on the road by 8:30 or so. Fun!

On an unrelated note, we have now come to the conclusion (or at least the development of a postulate) that our cat thinks she's a bird. Reason #1: We always catch her roosting on the floor, lying there with all her legs tucked under her just like a chicken. Reason #2: When we play string with her, she often attempts to fly, despite the obvious lack of wings on her part. Reason #3: When we arrived home from the Yale visit, we noticed that our pile of clean clothes on our bed had been made into a large cat nest, and we can only assume that she was sleeping and/or trying to lay eggs in it. Haven't seen pictures of our kitten? Visit her portion of the website! Speaking of pictures, Jack and I are hunting for digital cameras. We have it narrowed down to two models. For me, the choice is obvious, because one has a self-timer and one does not, but for Jack, these things are not so cut and dry. =) Men. Anyway, we should have more pictures of everything up after we actually buy a camera. That's all for now.

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